Tijuca National Park – Rio de Janeiro

One of the options for tours to take place in Rio de Janeiro is a visit to the Tijuca National Park. Located in the “heart metropolitan” city of Rio de Janeiro, Tijuca National Park extends from the mountains of Tijuca Massif, diving the city in the North Zone and South Zone.

The park has a very diverse flora and fauna, natural beauty, such as cave and waterfalls, architectural works of great historical and artistic value, and perform environmental services, such as aid in the regulation of water balance, erosion control of slopes, prevention silting of water courses, conservation of soil quality and climate regulation.

Among the animals present withing the Park are similar to the Atlantic slope of the Serra do Mar, like insects, spiders, mammals, birds and snakes. The flora of the park is represented by the Tropical Rain Forest.

The recreational activities that can be made in the Tijuca National Park are hiking, swimming in waterfalls, bike rides and picnics.

To know the whole park and know its main sights is required on average two days, being able to know the following sectors: Serra da Carioca; Tijuca Forest; Pedra Bonita/Pedra da Gávea.

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Angra dos Reis – RJ: a place to go

Angra dos Reis has no less than 365 islands sprinkled in a sea of green and crystal, and two thousand beaches filled with natural beauty. Encircled by the Atlantic and bathed in emerald-green sea for luxury condominiums, resorts and hotels that host travelers seeking the best for your holidays and weekends. The best is a short distance: only 160 km – about 2 hours by car – this paradise apart from Rio.

A stroll around Angra dos Reis should start, no doubt, by the sea. Scuba diving is simply irresistible at the beauty of the sea. With many shipwrecks and abundant marine life, the Angra Bay is one of the best places to scuba dive in the southeastern coast, even for amateurs. A traditional maritime procession on the first day of the year is one of the biggest events in the city.

Ilha Grande, the largest island, is also the most famous: they are 86 beaches scattered across its 190 square miles. To get there faces are about 1 hour boat ride from the port of Angra. The place is perfect for trekking, and hiking trails, with many options, from hills, mountains, streams, rocks, hills and beaches, most of which are within the Atlantic Forest. Stand out in this scenario places like the Guriri Lage, Jorge Grego Island, Meros and Shipwreck Island.

On the ocean, the beach preferred by visitors is the Lopes Mendes, attended by supporters of surfing and scuba divers.In Praia da Feiticeira, and the narrow strip of white sand and many almond trees, visitors can enjoy after a hike to a beautiful waterfall 15 m high, where there is a natural swimming pool to slide.

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Photo: Christian Dalgas

Bonito: a place to go

This small city in Brazil countryside has got recently the tourists attention. Located at the Bodoquena Sierra in Mato Grosso do Sul State, this tropical climate region has waterfalls, pure nature and crystal clear rivers that attracts urban people from all around the world looking for some rest.

The region has around 100 caves that are all humid and some of them have crystal clear water lakes in their interior. The main rivers Formoso and Prata, as many others, pass through untouched forests, and usually they turn into waterfalls.

From 300 km to the capital Campo Grande, in Mato Grosso do Sul State,

Photo: Ivan Cavas

Bonito is a worldwide ecotourism destination, which sets apart from other destinations because of its infra-structure, organization and environmental concern.

Ecotourism has been the region’s main activity for a long time now and it is in constant improvement, always striving for minimal impact visitation practices and best quality of services. Because of that Bonito is considered Brazil’s major ecotourism destination, being awarded for nine years in a row by the country’s leading travel and tourism magazine.

The tourism agencies offer tours for every type of group, like snorkeling, rappelling, scuba diving, horseback riding, hiking, bird watching and visiting waterfalls.

A place to visit in there is the farm Estância Mimosa. Imagine a trail through the forest, filled with waterfalls of all sizes and shapes. Grottos, viewing platforms, suspended wood trails and a diving board will transform your tour into an unforgettable adventure for all ages. That’s what this tour offers to you, where nature will show you its surprises at every step. At the end a hearty meal, Mato Grosso do Sul style, awaits you.

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